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How Inland Revenue can help the deaf and hearing-impaired 国税局怎样帮助有听力障碍的人

About this Guide

Provides information on the ways deaf and hearing-impaired customers can contact Inland Revenue.

When to use this guide

We're committed to making our services easy to access for all our customers.

Use the following services to get answers to any of your tax questions.

Send us a fax
You can fax us on 0800 447 755.

When you send us a fax we will acknowledge it and aim to have an answer for you within 30 minutes.

On busier days we may need more time, but as long as we receive your fax before 2.30 pm, we should have an answer for you that day.

Any faxes that arrive after 2.30pm will be answered within 24 hours.

In your message, please include:

  • your name
  • your IRD number, and
  • your fax number.

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