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Administrative reviews - helping you to apply 管理回顾 - 申请帮助

About this Guide

Read this booklet to find out how to apply for a child support administrative review. The booklet includes an application form.

When to use this guide

An administrative review is a free service managed by Inland Revenue Child Support staff to have a child support formula assessment looked at to see if it can be altered to fit your particular situation.

Both paying parents and custodians can apply for an administrative review.

Child Support staff organise the review process but the actual review is done by an independent person contracted to Inland Revenue. This person is called the review officer. Review officers are experienced in law and follow precedents set by past court cases

What you will need

What are the grounds for a review?

The child support laws set out the criteria allowing a formula assessment to be reviewed and possibly altered. These criteria are called grounds for review.

You can only apply for an administrative review if your circumstances fit one of the grounds listed on pages 4 and 5.

Each ground has a number, which you use when you apply for a review.

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Administrative reviews - helping you to apply

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